A true cape island, accessible only by boat. An absence of cars that promotes the tranquility of the setting. A way of life that encourages rest and reflection - but leaves nothing to be desired in the way of recreation.

Of all the appealing features that set Bald Head Island apart from the ordinary beach destination, perhaps the most distinctive is its stunning variety of natural environments and the thoughtfully planned neighborhoods that border them.

Whether you are looking for an unforgettable vacation or are interested in owning real estate in this remarkable place, you'll find homes and homesites set in and around ocean beach, river beach, a picturesque harbour, a vast marsh, a championship golf course and a maritime forest. And each setting offers its own unique charms.

Throughout Bald Head Island, most island homes feature a traditional coastal architectural style, and the communities are punctuated by picket fences and connecting walkways. Homes here range from large to small, grand to quaint, but regardless of size or location, all are part of something special - the greater community that is Bald Head Island.

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